Becker Drane knows exactly how The World works.

You know the rain we had two weeks ago, or that nightmare you had last night? Becker Drane can tell you exactly who or what was responsible because Becker works as a Fixer for The Seems. From the Department of Weather to the Department of Time, The Seems is the world-behind-our-World, and it keeps everything running smoothly.

But every so often, something goes wrong.

When a Glitch makes its way into the Department of Sleep, Becker is called in for his very first Fixer assignment and he's got to get it right. But this Mission is tricky, and his regular Tools aren't up to the test. If Becker doesn't find a Fix fast, he just might lose the coolest job ever―and The World will lose a lot more than a good night's sleep.






An original true crime/horror podcast

A seven-part investigation into a mysterious section of woods in central New Jersey. Supposedly haunted, it has a terrible history of violence dating back to the 1600s, replete with horrific murders and mass suicide.


What makes these stories so frightening is that all contain disturbingly similar elements of the supernatural. Each episode of this podcast will focus on one of these infamous tales, in hopes of proving once and for all whether No Man’s Land is indeed infested with an evil presence. 


A multimedia effort to capture the oral history of the African-American community in Highland Park, NJ. This digital archive of personal narratives and short films is being created entirely by the students of Highland Park High School.  


In September of 2018, the HPAAHP will began shooting a new documentary about the state-mandated desegregation of the school system in 1979, and how the ensuing controversy that took place continues to ripple through today.


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