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 Back in the day, I used to carry around a little dictaphone for whenever the mood would strike, usually on a late night drive or some kind of solo adventure where I needed someone to talk to...or at least the feeling of someone to talk to.  As you can imagine, most of it I'm happy to leave in the dusty digital basement, but I did unearth a couple of great memories that I thought had vanished forever.   

The first clip comes from a mad-dash drive I made from Arcata, CA to New York City back in the mid-nineties, and you can definitely hear how wired I am behind the wheel of my rented Crown Victoria.  I must've been somewhere in Ohio when I decided to recount the tale of how I got struck by lightening while working as production assistant on a movie called "The Grave" in Burgaw, North Carolina.  

Clip two is called "Greetings From Vietnam," and is basically a behind the scenes diary I recorded during the making of my HBO doc, "Unknown Soldier:  Searching For Father."  I did it so I could share the experience of walking in my father's final footsteps with my closest friends -- and if you've found your way to this web-page, than that includes you as well : ) 

Hope you enjoy, and more to come.  

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