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It Used To Be The Spot

This is for all the ballers out there, the pick-up junkies like me who are losing their mind because the thing they love the most (besides (sometimes) family and friends) has been taken away from them.  Most of us can’t even shoot around on our own because all the parks are closed and the rims have been torn down, an understandable decision that’s left a pretty big void, considering I’m used to playing 4-5 days a week.  So I decided to dust off and finally finish a short film I shot on a whim about 8 years ago, about a dying pick-up game and the players who were still trying to keep it alive.  

To be honest, the game at Country Lane Park was already dead by the time we shot it, but when I put out the call to whip up a cast, some of my all times favorites showed up out of the blue. It Used To Be The Spot  is for the old school guys who remember the days when the parks were jammed on a daily basis all summer.  Better not lose that first game, or you might as well go home. 7 mins long, starring Namreh White, with guest appearances by John Celestand, Mars Mellish, Ed With The Nice Mid-Range Game, and more... Hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you out there when the time is right.  

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