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As you may already know, I've spent the last five years trying to help free Tyree Wallace, a wrongfully incarcerated man serving life in a Pennsylvania prison for a murder he didn't commit. For much of that time, it's felt like a there was very little hope that Tyree would ever find justice, but due to some breaks in the case and huge effort by his legal team, a happy ending to this story may be just on the horizon. On June 10 in Philadelphia, Tyree will be attending a court hearing that (knock on wood) may directly lead to his freedom. I'll be attending with as many of my student filmmakers from Rutgers as I possibly can bring, but in the meantime, Tyree's team has begun releasing short videos taken from his Zoom visits to my class. There's something magical about his interaction with passionate young college students, and I'm very proud of how directly they asked him some very difficult questions. You can check out those clips at the link below, and contact me via this site if you want to join us in court on June 10!

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