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A few weeks ago, three former students of mine at Rutgers' Writers House joined me in Trenton, NJ, to film a press conference by the Abolish The Drug War Coalition on the NJ State House step. We also interviewed any survivors who was up for sharing their stories, one of who I'm proud to say was Nafeesah Goldsmith. Nafeesah's work to end the torture of solitary confinement in NJ Prisons has been remarkable, and she's directing those energies towards abolishing the war on drugs that destroyed the home she grew up in. NBC just released a fantastic report on Nafeesah's story and mission, and proud to say some of the work we shot ended up in the broadcast. Thanks to Gavin Loper, Robert Fulton and Layal Ragi for coming down to Trenton and doing such a great job capturing a wonderful event...

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